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Fotograph: Emile Hengen, Ernst Jean-Claude

Rechteinhaber: ATP

Titel: Luxembourg national day 2021: Little prince Charles inaugura

Bild No. 0710409995

Ort: LUXEMBOUrg (LUX) / Esch / Esch-sur-Alzette

2021-06-23 / Esch-sur-Alzette / Luxembourg: On the occasion of Luxembourg National Day 2021, Prince Charles of Luxembourg (born 10 may 2020) inaugurated under strict observance of covid distance with his parents Crown Prince Guillaume and Crown Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg accompanied by Town major Georges Mischo a children playground designed as well for handicapped children bearing its name, financed by the City of Esch together with donations made on the occasion of the birth of future Grand-Duke Charles, who was amazed by a gorgeous gift he received on the occasion: a little brown and white stuffed rabbit of the series "Best for Kids" from the German manufacturer Steiff. Mandatory photo-credit: ATP/Ville Esch/Emile Hengen/ERNST_J-C

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